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Volume 12 - Issue 4, Oct - Dec 2020
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Ultrasound Guided Sure Cut Needle Biopsy of Peripheral Lung and Mediastinal lesions for more than 2.0cm size: Efficacy, Safety and Feasibility- as an out-patient procedure in 179 Patients
Abdul Rasheed Qureshi, Muhammad Irfan
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Volume 12 - Issue 4     Oct - Dec 2020
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Objective:  To evaluate the efficacy, safety and feasibility of Ultrasound guided Sure-Cut Needle biopsy for peripheral lung and mediastinal nodules, as an out-patient procedure.

Study Design: A Prospective Interventional study.

Place and Duration: At Pulmonology-OPD, Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital Lahore from 1st October, 2016 to 28th February, 2019.

Methodology: Peripheral lung, mediastinal or pleural lesions measuring greater than 2.0cm by ultrasound, abutting the visceral pleura were biopsied with Sure-Cut needle, gauge-16 under real-time ultrasonography with 3.5–5.5 MHZ machine in out-patient department. Adequacy of procedure was confirmed after receiving the histopathology report. All complications encountered during or after procedure were recorded.

Results: Out of 179 procedures, 98.32% samples were adequate and among them 63.63% cases were malignant while 36.37%patients were with non-malignant etiology. The biopsy-induced complications observed were biopsy site pain (10.05%) and mild ooze at puncture site in 6.70% patients. No life threatening complication or table-death encountered.

Conclusion: Ultrasound guided biopsy of peripheral lung and mediastinal lesions, greater than 2.0cm, has an excellent efficacy, safety and feasibility when performed as an out-patient-procedure.

Keywords: Peripheral lung lesion, Mediastinal lesion, Pleural lesion, Biopsy, Out- door procedure, Sure-Cut-needle biopsy, Efficacy, Complications, Safety

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Qureshi AR, Irfan M. Ultrasound Guided Sure Cut Needle Biopsy of peripheral lung and mediastinal lesions for more than 2.0cm size: Efficacy, safety and feasibility- as an out-patient procedure in 179 patients. Isra Med J. 2020; 12(4): 178-183.

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