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Monday 11th December 2023
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Volume 15 - Issue 1, Jan – Jun 2023
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Peer Review Process

IMJ has a uniform and structured, double blind peer-review process during which all manuscripts go through certain steps before a manuscript is accepted for publication. A manuscript goes through following steps during IMJ review process.

  1. After receiving a manuscript will be sent for initial Editorial review, to assess whether the submitted manuscript is written according to IMJ authors guidelines and format and suitable for review or not. If manuscript is found suitable for further processing the correspondence author is informed within 02 weeks regarding acceptance for further processing otherwise the author is asked to re-submit his manuscript after making necessary amendments as per IMJ guidelines and format.
  2. After acceptance for processing a unique Ref No. will be allotted to the manuscript which will be used for future correspondence. In addition, for E-tracking through IMJ Web site, a Tracking number will also be allotted to correspondence author so that the manuscript can be tracked regarding progress of the review process.
  3. After Editorial Review, the manuscript will sent to the Plagiarism Committee for judging Similarity Index (SI). The Technical Editor will submit its report within 02 weeks regarding Similarity Index. If the report has similarity index <=19%, then benefit of doubt may be given to the author but, in case, any single source has similarity index >=5% without citation then it needs to be revised and will be sent back to the author for revision to bring similarity index down to permissible limit.
  4. In next step, the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers (one internal/one external) of concerned specialty who will review the manuscript meticulously keeping in view all technical details. The reviewers will submit their review report within six weeks.
  5. After receiving the reviewers  comments, the correspondence author will be informed immediately about the reviewers comments  and asked to make necessary amendments in manuscript in the light of reviewers comments or give their comments where he don’t agree with the reviewers comments within two weeks.
  6. After receiving the amended version  from author, the manuscript will be evaluated by the Editorial Committee to see whether necessary amendments advised by reviewers  were incorporated in the manuscript properly or not and whether the  manuscript needs further review or not. This process will take two weeks to complete.
  7. If the editorial board decides that manuscript needs no further amendments or review, then the correspondence author will be informed about the acceptance of manuscript for publication and the print version of accepted manuscript is finally sent to the author for final proof reading.
  8. After receiving print version from author, the manuscript will be shortlisted for forthcoming issues and put in priority list which will be decided by Editorial Board and author will be informed regarding volume and issue number of the IMJ.
  9. The accepted print version of manuscript will also be uploaded on the IMJ website in Ahead of Publication domain.

The minimum process of manuscript is about six months but it varies depending upon the response from reviewers and author.

Fast track processing of manuscript:

Option for fast track processing is available in special cases after approval from Editor in Chief. For fast track processing; the author will send a written request to Editor in Chief, with genuine reason for fast track process. The decision to process a manuscript on fast track is wholly on discretion of Editorial Board and Editor in Chief. Same review process will be followed for fast track processing and the fast track manuscript will be considered for publication in next issue after completion of whole review process.

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