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Prevalence of smart phone use and smart phone addiction among Students of Doctor of Physiotherapy: A cross sectional study
Ayesha Javaid, Iram Yasir, Farah Ahmed
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Volume 11 - Issue 3     May - June 2019
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Objective: To determine the prevalence of smart phone use and smart phone addiction among students Doctor of Physiotherapy Department of Isra University, Islamabad Campus.
Study Design: Descriptive Cross sectional study
Place and Duration: Isra University, Islamabad Campus from 1st September 2017 to 30th November 2017.
Methodology: Students were given a structured questionnaire, which consisted of three basic parts. First had questions concerning demographic profile, 2nd part included questions about smartphone use, and the 3rd part was used to assess smartphone addiction. Addiction was assessed by SAS-SV scale and association of addiction with gender and academic year was analyzed. The parameter used to assess addiction were, decreased work efficiency, poor concentration, emotional liability in absence of phone, repeated checking of phone, lack of social communication and lack of time management. The cutoff values for males and female smartphone addiction were taken to be 31 and 33 respectively.
Results: Among total of 220 participants, 21.4% were male while rest were females. Mean age was 21 years. Students who used smart phone for 6 hours per day were 30% as compared to 1.8% students who used it for less than 10 minutes per day.Respondents using smart phone 21-50 times a day were 27.7% whereas, 8.6% used it for less than 5 times a day. Regarding smartphone usage after waking up, 50.9% students used it within 5 minutes while only 12.3% students used it after more than 60 minutes. Addiction was found to be positive among 44.5% participants. Among males, 63.8% were addicted as compared to 39.3% females.
Conclusion: Indicators of smartphone usage revealed high usage among majority of students of physiotherapy. Male gender was found to be more addicted to smartphone use. 
Keywords: Physiotherapy, Students, Smartphone, Prevalence, Addiction, Dependence.

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JavaidA, Yasir I, AhmedF. Prevalence of smart phone use and smart phone addiction among Students of Doctor of Physiotherapy: A cross sectional studyIsra Med J. 2019; 11(3): 180-183.

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