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Volume 11 - Issue 5, Sep - Oct 2019
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Potential prevention of oxaliplatin induced morphological, behavioral and microscopic injury by glutathione in adult albino mice
Pashmina Shaikh, Sameena Gul Memon, Umbreen Bano, Muhammad Yaqoob Shahani, Samreen Memon, Shazia Begum Shahani
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Volume 11 - Issue 5     September - October 2019
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Objective: To assess the effects of oxaliplatin on gross appearance, behavior and neural tissue of albino mice and to observe prevention against oxaliplatin induced damage by glutathione.
Study Design: Experimental study
Place and Duration: Department of Anatomy, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro in collaboration with Sindh Agricultural University TandoJam from 1st January-30th June 2015.
Methodology: Adult mice (n=36) from both genders were grouped and labeled as Control (Group A), Oxaliplatin treatment (Group B), Oxaliplatin plus glutathione (Group C). The gross features (Weight, hair loss, paw edema) and behavior (heat and cold stimulation test, noise stimulation test, hearing test) of the animals were monitored and animals were sacrificed and brains were collected for the histopathology to see the effects of oxaliplatin and its prevention by glutathione.
Results: The weight of the animals significantly decreased over the entire period of study as compared to control animals. Also a significant decrease was noticed in hair on the skin of front part of the body in group B. In other parameters; paw edema, mental orientation, object recognition, noise stimulation group B exhibit significant difference to control p<0.05. Heat and cold stimulation tests significantly increased in group B. Microscopic features of brain tissue also showed inflammatory and ischemic changes in group B. All gross and microscopic features were improved with the addition of glutathione.
Conclusion: The toxic effects of oxaliplatin, on morphology and behavior and brain of adult albino mice were partially reversed with glutathione supplementation.
Keywords: Adult mice, Behavior, Brain damage, Glutathione, Gross Morphology, Oxaliplatin, Neural tissue.
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Shaikh P, Memon SG, Bano U, Shahani MY, Memon S, Shahani SB. Potential prevention of oxaliplatin induced morphological, behavioral and microscopic injury by glutathione in adult albino mice.Isra Med J. 2019; 11(5): 384-389.

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