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Volume 11 - Issue 4-B, July - Aug 2019
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Medication adherence and psychological well-being among patients of hypertension
Ruqia Safdar Bajwa, Beenish Shoukat
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Volume 11 - Issue 4-B     July - August 2019
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This cross section correlational study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between medication adherence and psychological wellbeing and its related demographic factors among patients of hypertension.Valid self-report measures were utilized to assess the relationship of the variables i.e. Medicine adherence and psychological well-being. To measure these variables Ryff Psychological Well-Being Scales (PWB), 42 Item version and to measure Medication Adherence Morisky Scale comprising 4 items was used to assess the non-adherence risk. Significant positive correlation (.538**) was found between medication adherence and psychological wellbeing. Among these variables, gender had insignificant difference in Psychological Wellbeing (PW) and Medication Adherence (MA) while residential area made significant difference in both variable (p value 0.01 and 0.03 respectively). People living in urban setup had more medication adherence and psychological wellbeing as compared to the people living in rural setup. Psychological wellbeing was different in people of different age groups. 
Conclusion: Medication adherence has a relationship with psychological wellbeing of hypertensive patients.
Keywords: Hypertension, Medication adherence, Socio-demographic characteristics, Psychological wellbeing, Residential area.

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Bajwa RS, Shoukat B. Medication adherence and psychological well-being among patients of hypertension: a survey of Multan city. Isra Med J. 2019; 11(4)-Part B: 327-330.

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