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Saturday 04th December 2021
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Volume 13 - Issue 3, Jul - Sep 2021
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Impact of Covid-19 on the pattern of HRCT findings in renal failure patients
Hira Bushra,Riffat Kamal, Rafia Irum
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Volume 13 - Issue 3     Jul - Sep 2021
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Objective: To evaluate the pattern of HRCT findings in Covid-19 positive renal failure patients.

Study Design:  A Case Series study.

Place and Duration: From 5th October 2020 to 5th March 2021 at Department of Radiology in Ch. Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology Multan.

Methodology: The study comprises of renal failure patients with Covid-19 confirmed diagnosis. Detailed history and clinical examination, laboratory data and HRCT findings were evaluated. HRCT findings were assessed by two radiologists who were blind to the study. The parameters that were studied involve the disease laterality, distribution, and particular zone involvement.

Results: Among 15 patients, majority (73.3%) were males. The mean age (±Standard deviation) of the patients was 40± 1.47. Most frequently observed symptoms include fever, cough, and dyspnea in 80%, 73.3%, and 26.6% respectively. 86.6% and 60% patient samples showed increased levels of CRP and creatine phosphokinase respectively. Only 13.3% patient’s blood count results showed leukocytosis and leukopenia was observed in 60% patients. On the assessment of HRCT findings, 60% cases showed bilateral lung involvement and 40% showed unilateral involvement of the lung tissue. Lower lobes were found to be involved in 80% and ground-glass opacity (GGO) was observed in all patients with 80% showing consolidation. In terms of lesion distribution, the peripheral along with central involvement was shown in scans of 60% of the patients.

Conclusion:  The features and findings of HRCT  that were obtained in renal failure patients who were tested positive for Covic-19 are similar to the features that are being recorded in the general population.

Keywords: Covid-19, Renal failure, HRCT, Ground Glass opacity, Consolidation


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Bushra H, Kamal R, Irum R. Impact of Covid-19 on the pattern of HRCT findings in renal failure patients. Isra Med J. 2021; 13(3): 159-162.

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