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Volume 10 - Issue 6, Nov - Dec 2018
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Hepatoprotective Effect of Lagenaria Siceraria (Linn) in Carbamazepine Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rabbits
Farah Owais, Mehjabeen
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Volume 10 - Issue 6     Nov - Dec 2018
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OBJECTIVE: To determine the hepatoprotective effect of Lagenaria Siceraria in carbamazepine induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits
STUDY DESIGN: A Randomized controlled trial (experimental animal study).
PLACE AND DURATION: Department of Pharmacology, Federal Urdu University, from 4th April 2016 to 10th July 2016.
METHODOLOGY: Animals (Rabbits) were divided into four groups G1, G2, G3 and G4; each group consisted of five rabbits. Normal saline was administered to G1. However, CBZ (6 mg/kg/day), L. Siceraria (400 mg/kg/day) and a combination of 1:1 CBZ and L. Siceraria were administered to G2, G3 and G4 respectively for a period of 90 days. Blood samples were analyzed for liver enzymes and total proteins. Moreover, histopathological study was also performed on liver specimen collected from animals of all groups to see morphological and pathological changes in the tissue.
RESULTS: L. Siceraria fruit extract significantly reduced liver enzymes, SGPT (66%), ALP (47%), γ – GT (14%) and total proteins (5.5%), whereas the levels of SGPT (7.2%), ALP (80%), γ – GT (7.6%) and total proteins (22.1%) in CBZ treated group were elevated. While a combination of L. Siceraria with CBZ showed a considerable increase in SGPT (31%), but ALP (15%) and total proteins (8.4%) were lessened, with no any change observed in γ – GT. Results of liver tissue histology did not show necrosis and cholestasis in G3 and G4 but these were found in G2.
CONCLUSION: Hepatoprotective potential of L. Siceraria suggested its use to prevent elevation of hepatic enzymes due to long term administration of carbamazepine.
KEYWORDS: Lagenaria Siceraria, Carbamazepine, Hepatotoxicity, Hepatoprotection, Liver function test, Total protein.

Owais F, Mehjabeen. Hepatoprotective Effect of Lagenaria Siceraria (Linn) in Carbamazepine Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rabbits.Isra Med J. 2018; 10(6): 345-348.

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