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Volume 13 - Issue 1, Jan - Mar 2021
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Effects of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (Inject-able Contraceptive) on Serum Cholesterol level of Female adult Albino rats
Soofia Nigar, Aisha Abdul Haq, Sahar Mubeen, Sarwat Jabeen, Afrina Raza, Dureshewar Rehman
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Volume 13 - Issue 1     Jan - Mar 2021
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Objective: To analyze the effects of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (Injectable contraceptive) on serum cholesterol level of adult female albino rats.

Study Design: An experimental study.

Place and Duration:  At Department of Anatomy, Dow University of Health Science from 1st March 2012 to 30th August 2012.

Methodology: Total Seventy-two female albino rats Wister strain were used which were further divided into three groups, named Group A, Group B and Group C. These groups were then subdivided into three subgroups depending on the duration of treatment. Treatment was given for one, two and three months. Group A (n=24) animals were served as controls. Group B as treated (n= 24) and were given MPA (3mg/ kg) according to body weight of rat. Group C treated group (n= 24) was given double dose of MPA (6 mg/ kg). At the beginning of the experiment only one dose of Injections (MPA) was given to both treated groups; B and C.  After 1, 2 and 3 months the animals were dissected and 2cc blood was obtained from the intracardiac puncture for the measurement of serum cholesterol level.

Results: Serum cholesterol level showed significant rise in all treated groups B and C, when it was compared with control group A. Serum cholesterol level in control group A was 53.87 mg/dl ± 13.26, in treated group B was 52.50 mg/dl ± 8.29 and in group C was 66.75 mg/dl ± 8.81. When the two groups A and C were compared (p-value < 0.046) the significant increase in serum cholesterol level was observed in group B and C.

Conclusion: Raised Serum Cholesterol level in this study may lead to cardiovascular problems like ischemic heart disease (IHD) and cerebro-vascular-accidents (CVA).

Keywords: Albino rats, Progesterone acetate, Serum cholesterol. Ischemic heart disease, Cerebro-vascular-accident.

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Nigar S, Haq AA, Mubeen S, Jabeen S, Raza A, Rehman D. Effects of medroxy progesterone acetate (Inject-able Contraceptive) on serum cholesterol level of female adult albino rats.. Isra Med J. 2021; 13(1): 52-55

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