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Volume 11 - Issue 4-B, July - Aug 2019
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Effect of demographics on social intolerance, emotional regulation, psychological distress among cardiac patients.
Rabia Zonash, Kehkashan Arouj
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Volume 11 - Issue 4-B     July - August 2019
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Objective: To assess the effect of different demographics on variables of social intolerance, emotional regulation, psychological distress (e.g., depression, anxiety, and stress) among cardiac patients.
Study Design: Descriptive cross sectional study.
Place and Duration: Benazir Bhutoo Hospital (BBH), Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Heart International Hospital (HIH), Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) from 13th August, 2014 to 30th July, 2015.
Methodology: Purposive sampling technique was used in selection of 150 cardiac patients in age ranged between 20-60 years. For assessment of study variables among the cardiac patients the frustration discomfort scale, emotional regulation questionnaire, and depression anxiety stress scale were used.
Results: T-test analysis revealed that discomfort intolerance (M= 25.87, SD= 5.63) and achievement frustration (M= 23.71, SD= 4.55) was higher in male’s patients. Emotional reappraisal (M= 21.25, SD= 7.91) and anxiety (M= 14.07, SD= 5.35) were higher in female's patients and expressive suppression (M= 18.92, SD= 6.44) and depression (M= 17.83, SD= 6.02) was higher in males. Emotional intolerance (M= 24.69, SD= 5.80), discomfort intolerance (M= 25.76, SD= 5.23) and anxiety (M= 10.89, SD= 4.63) were prominent in patients from a nuclear family structure. Depression (M= 15.66, SD= 5.33) is more prominent in cardiac patients from the joint family. The age difference has shown diverse age effects on social intolerance, emotional regulation, and distress among patients.
Conclusion: Effects of demographics such as gender, family structure, and age have the significant impact on enhancing and worsening the emotional and social states of cardiac patients. 
Keywords: Cardiac patients, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Social intolerance, Emotional regulation,

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Zonash R, Arouj K. Effect of demographics on social intolerance, emotional regulation, psychological distress among cardiac patients. Isra Med J. 2019; 11(4)-Part B: 290-295.

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