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Volume 11 - Issue 6, Nov - Dec 2019
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Comparison of lipid profile improvements with low dose of rosuvastatin and simvastatin as lipid lowering drugs in high risk patients: A randomized clinical trial
Anjum Ilahi, Adnan Saleem Khan, Sadia Zainab, Mansur Ilahi
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Volume 11 - Issue 3     May - June 2019
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Objective: To compare efficacy with percentage reduction in lipid profile of Rosuvastatin versus Simvastatin along with tolerability in patients of coronary artery disease.

Study Design: A randomized clinical trial

Setting: Cardiology Department of Medical Testing and Research Organization Islamabad from 1st October till 1st December 2016.
Methodology: A total of one hundred six patients with coronary artery disease were randomized into two equal groups to give Rosuvastatin 5mg to group I and Simvastatin 20mg to group II for eight weeks. As per guidelines of treatment of dyslipidemia the primary outcome was to lower LDLC< 100mg/dl. Secondary treatment outcomes were reduction of Total Cholesterol, elevation in HDL-Cholesterol and tolerability of both drugs.
Results: Rosuvastatin Group consisted of 62.3% males and 37.7% females while Simvastatin Group had 56.6% males and 43.4% females. Patients aged 55.20 ± 7.16 years in group I and 56.83 ± 6.30 years in group II. Primary treatment outcome was attained in patients of Rosuvastatin Group 75.5% as paralleled to Simvastatin 47.2%. Reduction in LDL-C from initial and terminal analyses showed significant results (Rosuvastatin 44.2% whereas Simvastatin group 39.4%). Data produced by Rosuvastatin group revealed clinically significant decrease in total Cholesterol 37.6% as compared to Simvastatin group 28.2% while more rise in HDL-C was determined in Rosuvastatin group 16.9% than Simvastatin group 7.1 %. No serious adverse effects were found in both treatments groups.            
Conclusion: Rosuvastatin is more potent lipid modifying agent than Simvastatin and it has similarity to Simvastatin in tolerability.
Keywords: Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, Dyslipidemia, Coronary artery disease, Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol.

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Ilahi A, Khan SA, Zainab S, Ilahi M. Comparison of lipid profile improvements with low dose of rosuvastatin and simvastatin as lipid lowering drugs in high risk patients: A randomized clinical trial.Isra Med J. 2019; 11(3): 141-145.

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