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Saturday 04th December 2021
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Volume 13 - Issue 3, Jul - Sep 2021
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Biometric evaluation of topographic changes in shapes of Retromolar pad in Edentulous patients
Sajid Naeem, Muntaha Manzoor, Rummana Aqeel, Anam Shaukat, Ibrahim Rafi Mashal Arif
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Volume 13 - Issue 3     Jul - Sep 2021
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Objective: To evaluate the different shapes and sizes of retromolar pad in selected age range of completely edentulous patient.

Study Design: A cross sectional observational study.

Place and Duration: At Prosthodontic Department of Lahore Medical and Dental College, Lahore from 2nd August 2020 to 2nd November 2020.

Methodology: One hundred and fifty completely edentulous patients of both genders were selected by non-probability purposive sampling. The diagnostic cast were made to evaluate the shape of retromolar pad of both sides (right, left) and categorized into three shapes; pear, rounded and triangular. The means of longitudinal and transverse diameters of both sides were compared.

Results: Difference between shapes of retromolar pad was found to be statistically significant p<0.05. Significant difference in mean transverse and longitudinal diameters was observed. The mean longitudinal diameter on right was 8.91 ±1.80 and of left was 8.89 ±1.79 (p value 0.00), whereas mean transverse diameter of right was 6.17± 0.92 and let was 6.16± 0.92 (p 0.00).

Conclusion: Great variation in shape and diameter of retromolar pad was seen in completely edentulous patient. Among the shapes the triangular and pear shaped retromolar pad has more surface area than the rounded shaped.

Keywords: Retromolar pad, Variability, Shape, Stability, Piriformis papilla, Residual ridge resorption.

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Naeem S, Manzoor M, Aqeel R, Shaukat A, Rafi I, Arif M. Biometric evaluation of topographic changes in shapes of Retromolar pad in Edentulous patients.. Isra Med J. 2021; 13(3): 188-191.

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