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Monday 06th February 2023
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Volume 14 - Issue 2, Apr-Jun 2022
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Laparoscopic Retrieval of multiple Sharp Foreign Bodies from Stomach in a Patient of Acuphagia – A Case Report
Samiullah, Sundas Ishtiaq, Muhammad Taimur
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Volume 14 - Issue 2     Apr - Jun 2022
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Foreign body ingestion is a common clinical scenario encountered in the emergency room with commonest cases presenting among children and in psychiatric adults. The key principle of management is dependent upon appropriate diagnosis and exact localization of the foreign body ingested and its type. Once an appropriate characterization of the ingested foreign body is made, further decision about its retrieval is based on whether any complication related to the foreign body, such as peritonitis is present or not. The method of retrieval can vary from minimally invasive to open surgery mostly dependent on availability of instruments and surgeon’s expertise. Unless any complication has occurred, surgeons in the current era are erring more towards minimally invasive methods. In cases where large or sharp foreign bodies are involved, that would demerit the use of endoscopy for its removal, surgeons are nowadays opting for laparoscopic removal instead of the traditional laparotomy. This case report highlights the use of laparoscopy for salvaging such foreign bodies especially when advantages such as, early post-operative recovery, less pain, minimal scar and decreased hospital stay over traditional laparotomy is involved  

Keywords: Gastro-intestinal tract, stomach, Foreign body, Acuphagia, Laparoscopic retrieval, Complications


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Samiullah, Ishtiaq S, Taimur M. Laparoscopic retrieval of multiple sharp Foreign Bodies from Stomach in a Patient of Acuphagia – A Case Report. Isra Med J. 2022; 14(2): 77-80. DOI:

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